January 4, 2012

Kim Kardashian's palm reading

Some love her and some hate her, but Kim Kardashian's celebrity presence has made itself known and seems to just... keep... doing so. Let's see if her palm gives us any insights into the woman behind the image.

Kim looks to be a Water-Air combination hand, she's a difficult read though... more Air than Water, if you can believe it. Both hand shapes have long fingers, such as Kim's, showing a carefulness in thought in how she proceeds. In the face of her recent & very public divorce, such a statement seems ludicrous, I agree. But by Kim's mind, especially in matters of business if not always the heart, she is thoughtful in her execution of agreements and partnerships, and quite a bit more logical than she is typically given credit for.

And, see those circular shaped knuckle patterns of Kim's?

When Kim gets halfway into a project, she has a tendency to freeze up by locking into a "paralysis by analysis" mode. She would blame it on her perfection nature, but when Kim gets something underway and it begins to manifest, she overthinks every minute detail to the point of micro-management. This tendency has the possibility of leading her into problems, and she would do well to cut herself a little slack, if anything. Her highly self critical nature may not be what the camera sees, but it's what Kim sees in the camera. 

Kim also has what I'm beginning to think of as "the charming thumb," a short final digit with a lilt or curve to it. This shows a person who has learned how to use her powerful charismatic presence in order to charm others into doing her will, or acquiescing to her demands. Another socialite celebrity with the charming thumb like Kim's would be Paris Hilton.

Kim wasn't born impulsive but has grown that way over time. Her Heart line seems to connect well with others, but it's difficult to see if it truly reaches the fingers. Any gaps toward the end, even small ones, can indicate a personality who has a guarded heart when an acquaintance becomes an intimate. Kim may love deeply, but does she trust? This is another matter entirely.

Kim believes she neither spoils herself, nor overly restricts from indulging her whims, whether it be shopping or desserts. And Kim is very intuitive as well, the line presents itself most strongly across the Head line, showing a likelihood towards dreams that feel more like spiritual visitations, and the sense of "just knowing" that something may happen (i.e. clairsentience).

However, if there is a fault to be had in Kim's world, it is the sad fact that despite the fact that she allows herself to experience the watery, emotionally-influenced world of the Water hand, her intellectual Air hand side steps in and sabotages her relationships by overanalyzing her partner's thoughts and actions, as well as her own emotional experiences. She has what could be a disjointed Simian crease, connecting between her Head and Heart, showing she really struggles differentiating between what she is thinking and what she is feeling.

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