January 18, 2012

Al Pacino's palm reading

Al Pacino is a Hollywood modern icon, and has played so many roles, it's no surprise to find out he has something of the philosophical hand type. Al's an Air hand, for certain, but also with some of the characteristic knots and gnarled qualities that are associated with those who are contemplative by nature.

The close up shows us a connected Life and Head line, meaning he's not an impulsive person by nature. And he's never been much of a risk taker, no bungee cliffjumping for Al to feel alive. His Ego line is strong, and starts independently and slightly away from the thumb. This indicates Al felt himself qualitatively different than those who raised him, felt a different set of values and/or ambitions than they would understand, and recognized from an early age that he would have an independent path.

With a fairly long Head line, we know Al is an imaginative person by nature, and is not the type to second guess himself very often when making decisions. In his love life, we see that he connects with others fairly easily and is not the type to be overly guarded about matters of the heart.

While longer on logic than will power, Al also has something of the "charismatic thumb" that we see on some of our celebrities, which tells us that Al knows not only how to use logic persuasively, but also how to turn on the charm and to use his presence and persona to smooth negotiations to his liking. He's got a good dialogue with his own intuitive side going on too, which comes through strongest at the "gut instinct" level; Al has learned to follow that inclination and it's lead him into more successes than failures as a result.

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  1. very interesting observation re. 'charismatic thumb'!