January 11, 2012

Daniel Craig's palm reading

Daniel Craig, perhaps best known for his role as James Bond, is already an action movie icon with his latest roles in 2011 movies Cowboys & Aliens, as well as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He's an Air hand, but he has a strong Earth quality that refuses to be denied. That means Daniel is an intellectual, happiest most in mental pursuits, but with the down-to-Earth pragmaticism of the Earth hand that grounds him firmly in reality.

We have two close ups for Daniel, because the lighting on each gives us a better idea of his actual palm when looking at different lines. For this shot, we can see his Life and Head line are connected, denoting a non-impulsive personality. While he may relish mental challenges, Daniel's physical, adreneline seeking side is quite pronounced and has been so from an early age. Don't expect Daniel to grow out of it either; to feel truly alive, he thrives on the rush of taking certain risks, be that cliff jumping or character's roles, and that tendency is only going to increase as his life unfolds.

His Heart line certainly seems to connect to his fingers, so we can tell he connects with others in a way that is natural. He is not the type to be guarded about his emotions, and is in many ways an emotionally trusting individual. There seems to be a sister line to his Life line as well, which shows the presence of a guardian spirit, or angel, who walks close to Daniel in this life.

Hi Dan!

He is not given to flights of fancy, as some Air hands, although his long Head line tells of his innately imaginative nature. His thumb digits show he is longer on logic than will power, and is not prone to displays of egotism either.

What a wild child he is at heart though, no?

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