January 25, 2012

Daniel Radcliffe's palm reading

Daniel Radcliffe has grown up before our eyes in the role of Harry Potter, and with the legions of publicity photos of him, you would think finding a clear, right-handed wave would be easy. But Daniel really waves when he waves, so if he's using his dominant hand, more often than not, it's a blurry action shot. Let's see what we did find....

Daniel is an Air hand, an intellectual, and perhaps quite natural at dissecting his roles in the profession he's been at for so long and from such a young age. The mental challenges of a character are far more interesting and meaningful to Daniel than the paycheck or the accolades. With the digits of his thumb looking very close to the same length, we know he's evenly balanced between his powers of logic and personal will, so don't expect him to act like a prima donna. He's quite grounded, even if he does live inside his head.

He can be a bit miserly with himself however, preferring a bit more Spartan of an existence than many young men with his resources might chose. When he does indulge himself, there's a bit of guilty streak that runs behind the moment, tinging it with remorse.

Daniel's Head and Life line are connected, telling us that he is not an impulsive person by nature. And the length of the Head line indicates Daniel is an extremely imaginative person, so combined with his intellect, he will continue to develop into the artist he has just now devoted himself to becoming.

His Heart line seems to veer into the mount of Jupiter, showing a strong ability to use his emotional resources in a way that helps others, either as a mentor, or another hands-on capacity. Also, it's too fuzzy to know for certain with this example, but it seems his Heart line does not connect to his fingers. If this is true, Daniel may keep his emotions guarded and while his acquaintances may be many, his friends are few... but only because the term "friend" connotes a level of intimacy that Daniel is not readily shared with many.

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