February 1, 2012

Christina Aguilera's palm reading

Songbird Christina Aguilera has been part of the public eye since her teenage years, but how much can we see from her palm? A lot! We got lucky, this is a beautiful, clear shot.

This picture is so high def, you can see the green of her stage makeup in stark comparison to the palm of her hand (!) but it is exquisitely detailed for her palm lines, so it makes for a fantastic find. Christina's Head and Life lines are connected, showing us she's not an impulsive person. And the arch of her Life line shows us she's very well balanced between her willingness to take risks in life, and her willingness to abstain from the adrenaline rush to be had.

Repeated frays off the Life line, pointing upward, showing an ongoing tendency towards head-related health problems (i.e. repeated migraines, or debilitating tension headaches) which sap her energy when it comes to life.

Christina's an extremely intuitive person by nature, but she questions the voice when it appears within her. Most often, she follows her gut instinct, but she also experiences it at the head level and heart level, with times of "just knowing" (i.e. clairsentience) and empathic awareness in her ability to sense the emotions of those around her. Psychic claustrophobia can hit her when she's in a bad crowd situation, but the reward to surfing the energy of the crowd when performing is phenomenally rewarding for her.

Look at that Ego line though, Christina clearly saw her life starting one way, and traveled that path for the first 25 years or so, but then a new way of imagining her life's work came into being. Despite her ambition and talent, Christina is her own worst enemy in that she questions herself so often that it manifests as a lack of personal will power in times when personal leadership is most needed. By strengthening her own inner conviction, she can remedy this aspect of her personality, should she chose to do so more in this lifetime. And, once she finds a way to channel her talents into a way to mentor others more, Christina will find the niche she's been missing in her professional life.

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