March 7, 2012

David Beckham's palm reading

David Beckham's wife is perhaps as famous as he is especially when it comes to body models, but try to shift your gaze to his palm with me and we'll take a look. Firstly, he's not a stubborn person by nature. In fact, if anything, David is a bit mild-mannered in most disagreements, personal or professional, and not the type to become easily enraged.

Want to know the big secret of David's life? He's really quite normal. Alright, he has a lot more resources than you and I likely do, but truth be told by his palm... he's almost boring, he's so normal. I can practically hear Victoria giggling in agreement, I tell ya.

This is about the most "normal" palm we've since since Matt Damon's. Notice how clear his palm is, the major lines easily marked and seen, with few deviations. David likes to keep his mind simple, not stupid mind you, but he takes a basic approach to so many of his needs. He keeps his mind and his heart as uncluttered as possible, and is not given to mind games, or emotional intrigue. His Heart line shows us he lets people into his heart easily, and he feels his emotions completely, never shying away from the realm of his feelings.

He's not impulsive, although he is becoming something of a risk taker now in his life much more than before when he was younger. Expect to hear about David doing wild things in his middle age and later... he's not slowing down for sure, but will take more risks than he did before (think bungee jumping for the adreneline rush).

Even still, he's far more logical than willful, and he's imaginative as well. The long Head line shows us a clear mind that rarely second-guesses decisions once they're made, but not so straightforward that he doesn't have a dreamy side also. He's not a hopeless romantic though, so don't swoon on me here... he's just creative and easy to connect with, which makes women naturally fall to his charms, even when he's not trying to seduce.

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