March 14, 2012

Jake Gyllenhaal's palm reading

Jake Gyllenhaal... did I spell that right? Let's check out his palm lines!

You want to know Jake? Know that he thinks... a lot. He thinks about thinking, and then he considers his thoughts about what he's already thought.

Jake is definitely not an impulsive person by nature, as we see the conjoined Life and Head line. In fact, he's almost a bit hesitant in his approach to commit himself to a project or business venture, preferring to analyze over participate in some matters as they unfold. Although he is kind hearted, he can often appear cold to others because Jake gets so lost within his intellect at times.

Add to this the fact that he's a bit emotionally closed off and Jake can come off as downright aloof in many matters to outsiders. There are very few people Jake is ever going to trust enough to take into his heart of hearts, but those he cares for need to understand his sensible nature will outshine his romantic side every time, although he does indeed have a romantic side so don't give up on him when he does the forgetful "Nutty Professor" routine.

Despite the intellectual nature of his Air hand, and his tendency to live so deeply in his mind that his heart remains a bit hidden to the world, we see Jake likes for situations to have a certain amount of crack! bang! boom! It's not enough to finish something, it must be absolutely mind blowingly amazing before Jake can give it his stamp of approval.
And guess what? Deep down, he's got a wild streak as well, so if you're the type who wants to go bungee jumping on a date, Jake would be your match. When he pushes his awareness so accutely into his body through these adreneline soaked moments, he pulls himself out of his head momentarily, and learns to live completely in the moment, instead of analyzing it.

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  1. This seems true as Jake doesn't get caught up in the Paparazzi that much. Hope you do a reading of Stephen King soon.