March 21, 2012

Khloe Kardashian's palm reading

I guess it's Khloe's turn now. We did Kim Kardashian when publicity surrounding her exploded earlier in the year, and love them or hate them, they're everywhere. So let's tske a peek at Khloe Kardashian Odom today.

You're going to laugh at me, but Khloe is an Air hand, which means she's an intellectual. (Don't hang up!) The truth of the matter is Khloe enjoys solitary time spent in study, and in improving herself and her own intellect.

She's actually a very balanced individual as well. She's good at balancing her need to indulge herself with her financial responsibilities (which is astonishing to consider, but let's not go there). The truth of her palm is that Khloe is also balanced between using her logic and her willpower when negotiating with others also. We may see more diva-like will power than logic when she's on camera, but don't think the logic isn't there.

Her connected Head and Life line show us she is not an impulsive person by nature (which may be why her marriage has avoided the highs and lows of her oft-reported sisters' relationships). She's also not much of a thrill seeker, so although she seems like the Wild One in the family, the truth is she would prefer to watch someone sky dive than to participate and take those risks for herself.

Khloe has a slightly longer than average Head line, showing an imaginative side to her that we haven't seen much of yet either. And, it's hard to see for certain, but the Head line seems to connect with the fingers, which means she connects well with others and accepts others into her heart more easily.

It's interesting to see her very clear and determined Ego line. Say what you will about this clan, Khloe has had a clear understanding of herself and has led a path of determination from early in her life. She is not quite non-conformist that we may perceive her to be though.

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