March 28, 2012

Justin Bieber's palm reading

Justin Bieber... not since Britney Spears or the Olsen twins has there been so much buzz over someone turning 18 as the Bieb did earlier this year.

Justin is a combination hand type, with a lot of Air qualities to his hand but also some Earth as well. Air/Earth is a great combination for a celebrity, as they are people who possess both the intellectual gifts of the Air hand, but remain grounded and quite sensible when decision making due to the Earth hand aspects. In palm reading, this Earth handedness is Justin's best defense against falling into the young celebrity trap that we see tragically repeated in so many broken personalities (Lindsay Lohen, Macaulay Culkin). The fact that he is naturally contemplative is also in his favor, as he will be more inclined to consider changes at length before enacting them (no hasty 48 hour marriages to be seen here).

After several hours of looking, the best palm shot I found (yes, he's left handed) was this one from a few years ago. So while his detailed lines may have changed some in the time that's passed, we can still get a great look at some of his major lines.

Justin is very well balanced when it comes to how much he indulges himself. He is not the type to gratify the senses through excessive indulgences, which is accentuated by the fact that he is also not an impulsive person by nature. Given these influences, it is likely Justin will make good decisions on how to manage his money, and his career.

Believe it or not, this period he is in now is Justin's cautious youth. As he ages, he will find himself trusting in life more, and being more willing to take risks (especially those which would give him an adrenaline rush) later on in his lifetime. There is almost the sense that early in life, his gift belonged to so many people that he couldn't allow himself permission to engage in risky behaviors. Justin won't be cliff jumping any time soon because he feels a sense of culpability to everyone around him whom he works with, and it won't be until later in his 30s and far beyond that he grows into a feeling of owning himself. That independence will bring him a new sense of freedom.

Sadly, the termination point of Justin's Heart line is still indiscernable so we don't know much yet about how he relates to others. The strength and depth of the Heart line tell us that he certainly feels things deeply and is a person to live his life very much invested in his emotional realm.

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