April 5, 2012

Jennifer Lopez's palm reading

Why, it's Jennifer Lopez! You can't imagine how often I see her on my research sessions, and yet after months of searching, these are still the best shots I can find. Let's see if it was worth the effort?

Jennifer's first closeup shows a slightly flattened angle to the palm itself, which makes for some wonkiness, so there's our first caveat. It looks like a fairly short Head line, which would suggest that Jennifer makes up her mind quickly, and moves along without second-guessing herself often. If so, her brain moves in staccato patterns, and in comparison to long Head lines on others, she does not fall into states of dreaminess during her wakeful hours but is much more on point when attending matters at hand. Perhaps this is her business acumen coming forward?

And look at that Heart line! If that is indeed where her Heart line terminates, just below her Jupiter (first) finger, then Jennifer has a deeply compassionate nature, but she is also very dicatatorial in her expectations on a partner. A termination in the mount of Jupiter can show an accusatory tendency, but conversely, it comes from a sense of "teaching" the other person. In her mind, she's instructing, and therefore being helpful. To a parter, it can sound like criticism, and can be hurtful.

There are some light marks that branch from her Heart line to her fingers as well, and if this is so, she is hesitant about how she reaches out to others, but in her heart, she genuinely wants to connect with the people around her.

There are, as well, markings in the mount of Saturn, beneath the middle finger, which indicate someone who has a hermit streak too. So throw that into the emotional landscape that is Jennifer too.

Her longer first digit of the thumb means she relies on logic over willpower when negotiating, so she does not like to "diva out" on people in order to persuade them of her point, contrary to the public image she has sometimes been given.

But wait a minute, is that seriously the arch of her Life line? That can't even be right, it's so hard to see here, but it looks like it swings all the way to the Apollo (ring) finger! That's unheard of, so we have to keep looking to know for sure.

Hi Jennifer!

And here we see? Well, it almost looks like her Life and Head line are joined for so long, they travel together past the center of the palm before distinguising themselves. This would indicate that by Jennifer's mind, she is most certainly not an impulsive person by nature, also contrary to bad press she's seen, but is a deeply connected person who makes the decisions of her life from a very intellectual viewpoint.

And the zinger? Jennifer's Life line still seems to swing such a wide arch, that despite all this logic we've discussed, she has an adventurous streak that is wider than any palm I've ever read... ever. I hope and pray we find some better shots of Jennifer's palm, because now I'm curious.

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