April 11, 2012

Adele's palm reading

Adele has been making her talents known worldwide, and certainly has seen her share of physical hardships over her phenomenal voice. But don't expect this lady to crack under the pressure.

Adele is a Water hand, which makes her an emotionally-driven personality. She is accustomed to making decisions based on her heart, and feels the sway of her emotions deeply, as all Water hands do. If anything, the caveat to this hand type is the susceptibility to depression, or even self-medicating, when they cannot find an equilibrium to their emotional input.

But despite her emotional nature, Adele is a very balanced hand. A connected Head and Life line tells us she's not the impulsive type. And the arch on the Life line is quite average, showing a balance between her need to seek thrills and her need to remain sedate.

Her Head line is on the slightly longer side of average, showing (again) a balance between her tendency to get lost in her dreamy side, as well as her more succinct, business-like thought patterns. This give her a groundedness that Water hands with long Head lines don't find for themselves as easily.

Her Heart line touches the fingers, so we know she connects easily with others for the most part, and she's very good at ridding herself of guilt. However, if there is one secret to Adele's hand, it's that she doesn't always feel as confident as the role of a songstress requires of her. There is a hesitancy that comes through in the Ego line, which tells us that although her vocal talent may be making her a household name, she's not always certain within herself that she deserves it.

Keep singing, Adele! We wish you well and encourage you on, girl!

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