April 18, 2012

Owen Wilson's palm reading

I feel like Owen Wilson is family, or something. Although I've never met him (yet), Owen spent time in New Mexico during the decades I've lived here, and since I may have passed him on the streets about 2 decades ago, I guess I feel protective over him. Silly, I know. But I'm so glad he's with us still, and not just because I'm selfish and want to see more Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson movies (although I do).

It's because I think he's awesome. And he's a deep thinker. Despite his funny guy roles, Owen is an Air hand which tells us he's the contemplative type, prone to consideration and happiest when he's challenged intellectually.

The waist that we see on the fingers does tell us that Owen doesn't indulge his whims without feeling guilty for it. For whatever reason, Owen has had to learn to teach the voice in his head to shut up, and let him feel good again. Owen, let's start by getting some ice cream and smiling more, because the simple pleasures will help him get out of his head and back into experiential knowledge (as opposed to philosophical knowledge, which is his forte as an Air hand).

His connected Life and Head line show us that Owen is not an impulsive person, and is in fact quite cautious by nature. Owen won't be doing any bungee jumping or cliff diving... the arch on his Life line is so shallow, we can see that he wants nothing to do with "thrill seeking," but is instead quite happy to stand on the sidelines, laugh and clap but not to jump in.

We can see the extremely long Head line, which compliments his Air hand shape, and again gives strength to his mental capacities. If Owen hadn't gone into entertainment, my feeling is he would have made a great professor (despite his scholastic issues in his youth). He would be the type to command stage while lecturing.

And, he has a slightly longer finial digit to his thumb, showing he has a tendency to fall back on will power (yes, he can be a diva when he wants to) when logic isn't working in his favor. There's a touch of the charming thumb to his hand also, which would show us that Owen can charm the pants off you while using his will power, so that you're far more inclined to do what he's asking of you.

It's a shame we can't see his Heart line here, I'm a romantic at heart and I keep hoping Owen will find his happily ever after. For now? More Owen Wilson movies, please?

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