April 25, 2012

Elijah Wood's palm reading

Elijah Wood's palm was another one I found myself spontaneously reading years ago, there's a great shot in Fellowship of the Ring when Gandalf places the One Ring in Frodo's palm, and his palm lines were as large as the movie screen for me that day. I searched forever to find that production still, but alas....

Elijah is a Fire hand. Fire handed people are extremely charismatic, and can be considered "natural salesmen" as they can talk just about anybody into just about anything, and usually so persuasively that the rest of us find ourselves jumping through every hoop, smiling the whole time, just to appease the Fire hand's request. Their tremendous strength is their ability to be consumed with inspiration when in the midst of the creative process. Their downfall is that this same inspiration can mysteriously burn out just as suddenly as it originally appeared, and unless they have learned to cultivate a sense of self discipline, Fire hands are the type to have a house full of half-finished inventions, the first three chapters from a dozen different manuscripts, and paintings only partially done.

Elijah is also about as far away from the "diva" personality type as he could possibly be. He's a very logical fellow, and really sees himself as quite inconsequential in the grand scheme of things,displaying everyday a humility that not all actors share.

Have we mentioned yet how self critical Elijah is? Every actor agonizes over their craft, but Elijah takes worrying to a new level... be easy on yourself, buddy!

This palm shot is fairly craptastic, but we can see the strong connection between the Life and Head line -- Elijah may be flaky in his art, but he is not an impulsive person by any means -- and we see a highly developed mount of Luna. There are a few actors on the blog who show this "bodacious" mount, Johnny Depp always comes to mind, and the commonality they all share is the bounty of the subconscious which they can draw from as actors. This sense of a having a lush and fertile imagination seems to manifest as a playful side in each of these celebrities, as well as a providing them a well of inspiration to create a multitude of characters from.

Elijah is really good at avoiding guilt though when it comes to treating himself, I like to see that. He is not the type to mentally flagellate himself after an indulgence of the senses, whether that be an ice cream cone, or an afternoon of retail therapy. 

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