May 30, 2012

Justin Timberlake's palm reading

Justin Timberlake has already reinvented himself to his audience numerous times before the age of 30, so for someone with so much history, what can we see in his palm? Let's start with how self-possessed he is, and how clearly he sets about his goals.

Discipline comes easily to Justin, thanks to being an Air hand. A deep thinker by nature, Justin is certainly the type to analyze a situation before taking action, and when he finds himself doing work that doesn't challenge his intellect, it can be excruciating to bear. Like all Air hands, he thinks fast, he moves fast, and the rest of the world sometimes struggles just to keep up with him.

And he really doesn't like to "spoil" himself. He's one of those Spartan types. He may be known for his good taste in clothing and homes, but when it comes to indulging his whims, Justin can't really give back to himself without feeling a dose of the "guilties" as a result.

Certainly not an impulsive person by nature, it is the clarity of his Ego line which draws me repeatedly. Such determination, so completely driven to his goal... Justin lets very few distractions into his life because of this singularity of purpose he follows from within.

With a long Head line, we know he's prone to dreamy, long and connected thought patterns, and look how deeply it dips into the mount of Luna. Can you say, direct pipeline to the subconscious?

And look! He has the Saturn mark off the Heart line that shows him to be a hermit by nature. Like Kelly Ripa and Nicole Kidman, Justin truly needs time to be completely alone in order to find the balance within himself. Sure, he connects easily to others and makes many friends, but he still desperately needs time to be left alone to come back to himself.

Add to that the fact that he is quite intuitive by nature, both intellectually and emotionally, and you can be sure when Justin says, "I'm feelin' ya," he means it.

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