May 16, 2012

Tom Cruise's palm reading

Tom Cruise has been on the celebrity scene since the early 80s, so what the hell makes him so marketable still? The boyish good looks (not so boyish anymore)? Or the confident swagger (a quality that is so attractive in youth and yet smacks of egotism later in life as men age)? Whether you still think he's dreamy, or a Hollywood jerk, he's still relevant, especially with his role in "Rock of Ages" this year.

Tom is an Air hand. And we must be on a roll, because guess what he shares in common with Dolly Parton? Yep, they're both impulsive Air hands. He's an intellectual by nature, drawn toward self-study and happiest when his mind is active and engaged. Air hands think fast, they talk fast, they move fast... they're the hardest to keep up with, honestly.

And the gap we see between his Life line and his Head line is a biggie, so we know that Tom's lived his life on impulse overdrive. This quality can appear in wildly successful, as well as wildly tragic lives, so make no mistake about it... in palmistry, it's not so much what you're born with, but how you use it. Tom has turned a lifetime of impulsivity into a onscreen legacy. Love him or hate him, there's no denying it.

Add to that impulsiveness the arch on the Life line, and geez Louise, Tom is freaking insane when it comes to his willingness to take risks. Wanna see why he drives race cars and engages in wild, adrenaline-jacked adventures? That, my friends, is due to the arch of his Life line, which as you can see, swings wildly across the palm. He's not the first celebrity on the blog to show an absolute hellion streak on the Life line, so again... it's not what you're born with, but how you harness it (constructively or destructively) that makes the person who they are.

If you're still a little gaga over Tom, you might like to know that he's a true romantic at heart too. He has an idealistic streak in him that can't be denied, although it may be something only those he gives his heart to can ever see. But, Tom isn't so guarded about his heart. In fact, he connects with people quite naturally, so if he bristles at reporters on camera for interviews, don't assume that means he's a prickly personality. Instead, he enjoys connecting and learning from his fellow man, he just has a low tolerance for bullcrap.

A risk-taking, driven, impulsive, romantic intellectual. That's what Tom's palm says he is.

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  1. he's still relevant, especially with his role in "Rock of Ages" this year. Cruise Secrets