May 2, 2012

Dolly Parton's palm reading

Dolly Parton has been a fixture of American consciousness since the 1970s and she came in as a request from a very special blog reader so I finally found a decent shot of her hand (which was a challenge!)

Dolly is an interesting dichotomy, here's why... she's an impulsive Air hand. Being ever the intellectual by nature, Air handed folks are usually such careful types that to see the impulsive streak in Dolly's hand is a genuine surprise. The gap between her Life line and Head line tells us there are many times which Dolly thinks about doing something one way, but in the moment finds herself doing something very different.

What is truly amazing is that some impulsive hands live scattered lives due to this personality trait, but others, such as Dolly, have managed to negotiate their lives with tremendous success. Personally, I would attribute this measure of success as manifesting through her tremendous intuitive strength. Her line of Intuition is quite prominent, and that impulse presents itself as good gut instincts on the Life line; on the Head line as mental flashes of just knowing, as well as dreams that feel more like spiritual visitations; and, on the Heart line as a natural empath, able to sense emotions easily from others.

And her empathic sense may lead to one more aspect about Dolly, one many may not know...while she can connect easily with others, Dolly also has a strong hermit streak. It could be that she invests so much energy into the public persona of Dolly that in order to find balance within herself, she seeks times of solitude in order to "reset" herself and clear her emotions of others' input. It is reminiscent of Kelly Ripa's Heart line, in that it seems to form a ring around the Saturn (middle) finger, indicating that dual influence of connecting with others yet craving solitude and privacy. 

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