October 3, 2012

Miley Cyrus' palm reading

Well, our photo of Miley Cyrus is before her new haircut, but you can see she's a Water hand. Water hands are the emotionally driven individuals in our society, who live and operate from the realm of their hearts. While she is logical when negotiating, and can pay close attention to small details in her work, she also can be easily swayed by the emotions of those around her, and as such should take care whom she allows into her regular company.

She has no problem indulging herself, and believes that life is meant to be savored and enjoyed. As such, she is very much sensually driven, as well as emotionally driven, in her approach to life.

With the closeup we can see that despite these emotional impulses that rule Miley's life, she is not impulsive by nature. She has a voracious appetite for life, adventure and self-discovery. Her short Head line shows us she is inclined towards thinking staccato thought patterns, she makes her decisions quickly and rarely (if ever) looks back because she's already on to the next thing in her head.

There is a sister line to her Life line also, a mark which indicates a guardian angel or spirit that walks beside her in this life from the spirit realm, in a protective manner. Hers feels matronly, like a grandmother might, so perhaps there is someone she lost whom watches over her still.

And in matters of the heart, Miley is guarded and already very sensitive about whom she allows into her intimate space. She does not connect with others easily, at all, and often feels such a pull towards hermitage and solitude that it can challenge romantic partners in her life.

But her intuitive side is becoming more active as she turns her attention inwards over time, showing she is learning to listen to her own inner voice of wisdom more often now.

August 29, 2012

Hugh Laurie's palm reading

I've been a sporadic House fan, along with about a million other viewers, so it seems a good time to catch up with the enigmatic star of the series, Hugh Laurie.

We can see some major characteristics fairly well, the connected Life and Head lines tell us he is not impulsive by nature. By the arch of his Life line, he's also not much of a risk taker, in the sense of bungee jumping or sky diving just to create an adrenaline rush to feel truly alive.

What I love seeing though is Hugh's quite unique Ego line. He formed his primary understanding of himself as a very secluded child, one who naturally felt himself in need of solitude. He had to make himself socially join the rest of us, so to speak, as he learned to express more of himself to others. There was a major choice he had to face somewhere in his early to mid 20s too, from what I can barely see. At this point, a major change occurred, and he found a much more self reliant and expressive understanding come into his persona. This is, essentially, the Hugh that is very public. Make no mistake, Hugh is still very much a loner in his core.

Despite his hermit tendencies, Hugh can reach others emotionally, and knows how to share of himself in that way. So don't characterize him as a cold, unfeeling prick the way his character is. Hugh is no misanthrope. In fact, he has a knack for mentoring and enjoys when he gets a chance to do so in this world.

Now, his thumb shows he favors logic by far when negotiating. He really doesn't know how to be much of a diva, truth be told. And I know he's waving, but those fingers are just about freaking me out... is it just the angle of this shot?

It's definitely the angle of that shot, as Hugh is indeed an Air hand, with tapered fingers, as I kind of expected due to his facial shape as well. Air hands, as you know, are the intellectuals of our society, the ones who are quite content to be lost inside the world of their mind, as they are naturally inclined to avidly "studying" everything around them in their lifetime. They think fast, and they move fast. They get bored and seek mental challenges. In fact, if Air hands are not properly stimulated, tasks which don't engage the mind can become nearly torturous.

One thing he certainly does share with his character is his philosophical side, check out those circular patterns in the knuckles. That indicates thoughts that go round and round before they are released to the next phase when manifesting something. A fancy way of saying, he has to stop and look at something from every angle before he's ready to take it to its next logical step, and his fingertips tell us he's extremely detail oriented as well. 

August 22, 2012

Britney Spears' palm reading

With Britney Spears returning to the spotlight as a judge on X Factor, it seemed a good time to read her palm. I've gone scouting for her in times past and she hasn't been an easy palm to find. (And all those photos of her for all these years, who would think?)

Britney is a Water hand. And the more I read palms, the more I see correlations in faces now too. Water hands often have heart-shaped faces. Both their hands and their faces are shaped like hearts! A fitting metaphor because they are the emotionally driven sign, one that is awash in the currents that surround them. Britney's life, like Marilyn's and other Water-handed actresses', is a tumultuous, white water raft ride, full of harrowing points as well as quiet respites.

They are the people who must carefully surround themselves with those whose emotions are going to serve them well, as they shade their reality to the feelings of those around them, as much as their own. They are the hand type prone to addictions, depression and other forms of mental impediments, which stem from an inability to regulate their overstimulated emotional input. All disturbingly true in Britney's case, but remember too that Water hands are the ones you hope for as a best friend, because they know how you feel, and will support you with a tremendous loyalty that stems from their innate gift of compassion. They are truly, as the shape dictates, sweethearts to know.

Britney's closeup shows us she is just ever so slightly inclined to use her willpower (and star power) when trying to get her way in a negotiation, as we see in her thumb. But do not assume she cannot be extremely logical, because she will surprise you there. She's not a dumb blonde by a long shot. Water hands are similar to their "cousins" the Air hands, in that they both enjoy a sense of study, and will push themselves to learn more, a student of life if you will. 

The gap between her Life line and Head line tells us nothing surprising; she is impulsive by nature. The gap here indicates a personality that literally has a "gap" between how they think they are going to react, and the actual action taken in the moment. Sometimes, that spontaneity factor takes over (yes, we're all remembering the head shaving incident, I know). But she is a deep thinker, nonetheless, and has a deeply imaginative mind, as evidenced by her long Head line.

Good luck trying to unlock her heart, though. She is guarded by nature, and has lived for a long time behind "the wall," however, there is a huge line coming to reach for her now... so Britney, girl... you can let go of the need to hide, and trust enough to let others in. If the lines meet, she has learned how to open her heart to others, perhaps one of her more significant life lessons.

It's hard to see clearly, but I would add, Britney is quite naturally intuitive as well. And when the voice of intuition speaks, sometimes the world doesn't understand our motivation for our decisions... but we do. She has a strong gut instinct, as well as a connection on the mental level that results in flashes of "just knowing," dreams that feel more like spiritual visitations, and on her emotional level, she's naturally empathic as well. 

August 15, 2012

Jack Black's palm reading

Jack Black is one of those celebrities that I can't seem to look away from. I'm hooked, and even when I hate one of his movies (cough Nacho Libre cough) I still can't get enough of him.

I searched for a while trying to find decent captures, and it seems Jack's an Earth hand (although I swear he has a touch of Air hand to him also, but it's hard to know without seeing his in person...it's an energetic thing). He certainly has a deeply philosophical side, as we see in the circular patterns of his knuckles.

Earth hands are our down-to-Earth friends, and they're incredibly stable personalities. Don't expect Jack to flake out (he hasn't yet, after all) because his nature is to remain constant. Although his onscreen personality can be frenetic, truthfully Jack likes things to be solid, and will find himself even resistant to change in order to preserve his sense of stability and order. However, when change comes for the Earth handed, like a landslide it can be drastic and life changing.

Hi Jack!

He's longer on logic than will power, so when negotiating he tends to use his ability to reason with others rather than to steamroll those around him with diva-like displays of artistic temperament. And we know he's not an impulsive person either, so although he may seem whacky to us onscreen, Jack knows he's spent considerable time contemplating the choices in his life and takes deliberate steps to bring those plans to action.

He knows how to give back to himself, and doesn't believe in denying himself pleasurable experiences as some sort of spiritual aesthetic. But Jack "came into himself" at a late age, despite his career starting early. There was a sense of having to realize himself as being fundamentally different than his parents, or those who raised him, and Jack didn't let that recognition into himself until he was a late teenager. However, once he accepted this about his personality, he has followed it deeply.

Jack is an imaginative thinker, no surprise there, and I wouldn't be surprised if he starts writing more (music and other forms) given his ability to think long, dreamy, connected thoughts when actively creating. But damn... his Heart line is completely obscured. Impossible to see clearly, but it does appear he has a significantly broken Heart line which occurs very early on. This indicates Jack went through an emotionally traumatic attachment early in his life and it left its mark on his relationships forever after. More than this though, we cannot see. 

July 11, 2012

Channing Tatum's palm reading

Channing Tatum is everywhere this year with the summer release of "Magic Mike," so with this much exposure, how could we not read his palm? Let's take a peek.... Channing is a combination Earth-Air palm, and extremely interesting and relatively rarer mix. 

His Earth handed side gives him a groundedness that exudes as calm, and ultimately, as confidence. However, the "slow to react" aspect of the typical Earth hand is countered by the Air hand side of him, which is quick to respond, and often very dexterious. They literally move fast, think fast. Channing's gift is that he has fast reflexes, and yet is not hasty in his approach to life. A fascinating counterbalance!

Channing is non-impulsive, wildly adventurous, thoughtful in decisions, emotionally connected, self-determined and naturally intuitive. Let's break it down.

The connected Life and Head line tells us that he is not impulsive by nature, but he is one hell of a risk taker. This is a very adventurous sweep to the Life line on his palm, notice how it doesn't curve toward the thumb but instead arches wide? This is similar to George Clooney's palm, non-impulsive and yet wildly adventurous. So, can we expect a lifetime of bachelorhood also?

Channing's Heart line touches the fingers, so we know he connects naturally and easily with others on an emotional level. His relationships are met with an open heart, and by one who is not fearful of his emotional side. It looks like there's a branch that reaches towards the mount of Jupiter, which would indicate Channing use his natural compassion to teach others, and so he may end up in mentoring situations in the next 5+ years as he grows into this aspect of himself.

The length of his Head line indicates long thought patterns, one who is prone to daydreaming in order to problem solve. He is able to "follow his mind downstream," if you will. And the Ego (or Fate) line marches up the center of the palm, showing us that he had a clear idea of himself at a very early age in this incarnation. His single-mindedness about achieving his goals is seen here.

Lastly, he has a good gut instinct when listening to his intuitive side. Add to that the fact he also is connected to his intuition on the mental level, which means he experiences flashes of clairsentience (or "just knowing"), as well as dreams that feel more like spiritual visitations, and you have a naturally intuitive personality.

Given such a generous pile of personal attributes, Channing will be able to stay the course in his career, and will be the least likely to be sidetracked by alcohol, drug or other dependency issues so often seen in actors. He has a chip on his shoulder though, wanting to prove himself to us, and although he's willing to use his good looks and physicality to gain recognition, he's going to be like Brad Pitt in that he will want to prove he's not just another pretty face in Hollywood. Edgy roles will be next for Channing, much like Brad went from Thelma & Louise to Fight Club.

June 20, 2012

Cameron Diaz's palm reading

Cameron Diaz is a hugely successful actor, without a doubt, and I got curious to see if we could take a look at her palm. Let's start with the fact she's a Water hand. Water handed people are the natural empaths, they live in the emotional world, and are the opposite of a "cerebral" personality, or, one who thinks but does not feel. Water hands feel, and how they feel (as well as the emotions of those nearest to their hearts) will create the thoughts, not vice versa. Gifted in both her logic and her willpower, Cameron knows how to stand up for herself, as well as how to use diplomacy, when negotiating.

Cameron is definitely not a risk taker though, as we see in the shallow arch of her Life line. She far more prefers the sedentary life over zip-lining, but hey... as an actor, she's already had her share of adventure just doing her job. She is a bit impulsive though, as we can see in the gap between her Life and Head lines. So there's a disconnect with how Cameron thinks she will behave, and the actions she takes in the moment (based off her emotions, being a Water hand).

Cameron absolutely connects easily and naturally to those she is with, and being a Water hand, this is not at all uncommon. They are the kind of person who you want for a best friend, because they always seem to just know how you're feeling, or the right way to help you through a difficult patch. 

For certain, she thinks long and dreamier thought patterns, with her generous Head line. However, the Head line does not seem to dip into the mount of Luna, so less access to the subconscious than other long Head lines we've seen on the blog.

Her Ego line is also clear and straightforward, which shows her self determination that came through early in her personality's development. She's very self possessed, and always has been, so this helped her take the path that she has, becoming the person she wants to be. However, Cameron won't be "done" discovering herself until well past her 60s, she may not want to go cliff diving, but she won't be lazy when it comes to developing her understanding of herself.

May 30, 2012

Justin Timberlake's palm reading

Justin Timberlake has already reinvented himself to his audience numerous times before the age of 30, so for someone with so much history, what can we see in his palm? Let's start with how self-possessed he is, and how clearly he sets about his goals.

Discipline comes easily to Justin, thanks to being an Air hand. A deep thinker by nature, Justin is certainly the type to analyze a situation before taking action, and when he finds himself doing work that doesn't challenge his intellect, it can be excruciating to bear. Like all Air hands, he thinks fast, he moves fast, and the rest of the world sometimes struggles just to keep up with him.

And he really doesn't like to "spoil" himself. He's one of those Spartan types. He may be known for his good taste in clothing and homes, but when it comes to indulging his whims, Justin can't really give back to himself without feeling a dose of the "guilties" as a result.

Certainly not an impulsive person by nature, it is the clarity of his Ego line which draws me repeatedly. Such determination, so completely driven to his goal... Justin lets very few distractions into his life because of this singularity of purpose he follows from within.

With a long Head line, we know he's prone to dreamy, long and connected thought patterns, and look how deeply it dips into the mount of Luna. Can you say, direct pipeline to the subconscious?

And look! He has the Saturn mark off the Heart line that shows him to be a hermit by nature. Like Kelly Ripa and Nicole Kidman, Justin truly needs time to be completely alone in order to find the balance within himself. Sure, he connects easily to others and makes many friends, but he still desperately needs time to be left alone to come back to himself.

Add to that the fact that he is quite intuitive by nature, both intellectually and emotionally, and you can be sure when Justin says, "I'm feelin' ya," he means it.